I found my running mojo.

It was right there the whole time.  Hiding in a pile of clean laundry, made up of mostly workout clothes.  Who knew?

So I picked it up, put it on (along with my workout clothes!) and picked a goal race for this fall.  I’m training again.  This time for a half marathon in Columbus, Ohio.  Eek!  I’ve been running more consistently now for a couple weeks, and I feel good.  A gal I work with moved in to my neighborhood, so we’ve been meeting each other to run a couple mornings before work (5:15 am, baby!  Best hours of the day, as my Grandad would say!).  That’s been nice, and kept me off my treadmill.  She hurt her knee this weekend, so this week I’m on my own.  I ran yesterday morning and plan to do it again tomorrow and Friday.  Then this weekend I”ll get in my long run (7 miles!) and another short run. 

Ideally.  😀 

My weight has kind of plateaued.  It’s not a mystery as to why.  I’ve not been logging my food, and I’ve been eating cookies like they are the last ones on earth.  So yeah.  I’ll be needing to change that.  Y’all may know about my tummy trials and tribulations, and I can tell you that the answer is not cookies.  I’m highly suspicious that the culprit is actually gluten, but I’m in denial about what that would mean.  So I’m not sure where I’m at on that.  I feel like a 3 year old, all “I don’t wanna!” when it comes to potentially cutting out the best food in the world.  Bread.  Which manifests itself into the best meals ever.  Sammiches.  Pizza.  Pasta.  FRICK.

Briefly last week, I attempted an elimination diet, where you basically eat nothing but chicken, turkey, lamb (who the hell eats lamb?), and potatoes.  And some fruit.  I lasted about 2 days.  I wore my cranky-pants the entire time.  In theory, the idea was that I’d do this for two weeks (HA!) and then start adding foods back in to see what it is that makes me feel like royal crapola all the time.  But apparently I was not motivated enough, because I did not stick with it.  The allure of a PB&J was too strong. 

So this week, I’ve bounced back down to my lowest weight in years, and I’m logging my points every day.  Yesterday that involved pizza and wine, but hey, that is what you get activity points and weekly points for!


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