Mixed results

So, it’s been a weird few weeks.  Vacation, a lack of motivation, and a family emergency have all added up to very little running lately.  I got back on track, beginning with a run this morning, but I’m worried I’ve lost a little fitness.

This is a weird time for me.  The family emergency I referenced was about my little brother.  He’s 29, and he had a heart attack.  He very nearly died.  The survival rate for what happened to him is 5%.  FIVE PERCENT.  One of the reasons he survived is because he’s young, fit, and healthy.  I told him that all his running had paid off!  🙂  But this is something in the back of my head now, knowing that being in shape probably helped keep him alive.  There isn’t really any better motivation than that.

I have lost like 4 lbs in the last week, but not the good way.  I’m generally a stress eater, but this was too much for even me.  Food wasn’t a priority, and I really felt like puking most of the week.  I was physically sick with worry, and fear.

Take this chance to tell the people you love that you love them.  It’s crazy how fast it can change, and I feel so lucky that I get to keep my brother.


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