Holding Steady = WIN

In a race to get to the weight loss finish line, sometimes there are pit stops.  I equate this to running a half-marathon (or a full, but since I’ve never done one of those, I hate to equate to it!).  I rush off at the start, fueled by excitement, go out fast, and do really well for a while.  Then I have tummy troubles and have to make a pit stop (“Holy hell, where are the porta potties?” is a thought I often have during a race).  I make my pit stop, feel much better, and then go out again all gung-ho (Novia, notice how I didn’t say “gang-busters” here!).  Then, at some point, I start to slow down.  I start to wish it was just fucking finished already.  Miles 8-11 seem like they take forever, and like I’m making exactly ZERO progress.  Eventually, I do get to the finish line, often with some walking, and always with some internal swearing. 

That experience is much like the whole weight loss one.  When I started this process, now six or seven years ago (WHAT? How did this happen?), I was all gung-ho.  I lost 80 lbs.  In a little over a year.  GO ME.  Then I tapered off, held steady, fluctuated a bit, and made some pit stops (gained back about 10 lbs, staying steady with no loss).  Now, I’m in that mile 8-11 zone, where I feel like I’m not going anywhere, and not accomplishing anything, and like I’ll never in a million years get to the finish line, which is my goal weight of 160. 

However, if I step back, and look at this like I can look back on my half marathons, I will see that I am making progress.  Slow and steady wins the race finishes the race.  And really, finishing is the only goal.  It doesn’t matter how fast I get there, aside from my constant lack of patience with myself.  And much like running the half marathon, it doesn’t do me any good to berate myself along the way for the variety of errors I’ve made (going out too fast, not training hard enough, having ice cream, or enjoying several fruity drinks while on vacation).  So I’m not going to do it – not in the weight loss race, nor in my running races. 

All of this to say that I held steady over the last two weeks.  And instead of beating myself up for the things I didn’t do right (drinks, too many cookies, too little exercise) I’m just going to be proud of the fact that I stayed the same in spite of those things.  Especially the five days I spent in Mexico, eating whatever they had at the buffet (all-inclusive), eating french fries in the middle of the afternoon, and drinking more alcohol than I normally do in months.  Plus, before we left, there was a cookie-related incident at my house.  I made a shit-ton of cookies that were really fucking good, and ate a lot of them.  So yeah.  Holding stead = WIN this week.


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