I’m baaaaaaaaaaack.

That’s right.  I’m back.  Not only to my blog, but to Insanity! 

Our Recovery Week became a Recovery Three Weeks, and we just started back.  I think both of us thought the Month 2 stuff was a bit much, so we’ve gone back to Month 1.  We did it on Monday, and plan to do it again tonight.  I also ran both days.  Monday was a kick ass speed day.  I did ladders, starting out at my normal pace (5.4) and I increased it .1 mph every 30 seconds, until I couldn’t hang on anymore.  Then I jogged for 5 minutes, then I did it again.  Woohoo!  My friend is helping me out with some speed workouts, and this was his suggestion.  He thinks I already have it in me to run much faster, and he is just helping me find my speed and get it out there. 

We’ll see.  😀 

The fun news in my life:  We leave for Cozumel on Monday!  We’ll be there for five days, and I CANNOT WAIT.  I’m so frickin stoked it’s not even funny.  We went shopping for summer clothes and bathing suits this weekend, since all of our stuff is too big.  DH went down 2 full pant sizes, that fucker.  I only went down 1 size.  (I’m kidding, I’m so proud of him!)  I got the FUNNEST (yes, that is a word) dresses to wear.  I wanted to wear one of them to work this week, but it’s fucking snowing here.  On May 12th.  Lovely.  This only makes me look forward to my beach vacation even more. 

I’m down a bit more from the last time I posted (I think).  I’ve lost about 12 lbs since January, which I know isn’t exactly blazing fast, but it’s movement in the right direction, so I’ll take it. 

Have you all been watching Biggest Loser?  I watched the makeover show last night (thank God for DVR) and HOLEE SHITBALLS, those folks look great.  It’s amazing.  It was a good reminder to myself of what it felt like to be able to shop in a regular store (thanks, but no thanks Lane Bryant, I hope to never need you again), and prompted me to look at my before pics (from YEARS ago, before I dropped 70 lbs, I’m now working on another 20 or so).  Big difference.  I don’t even remember what it felt like to be that big.  And sometimes I don’t think I look any different, because from my perspective, I was just me the entire time.  Lately people have been saying things like “Oh, your hair is getting longer!” or “You look great!” or “Have you lost weight?” or “Is that a new dress?” to me.  Some of those are directly addressing the fact that I look smaller, and the others are (in my experience) people’s way of saying they have noticed something different, but they are not sure what it is.  Regardless, it’s nice to hear.


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One Response to “I’m baaaaaaaaaaack.”

  1. runs4chocolate Says:

    Hey! Glad you are back! Yes, the make-over episode was amazing. Have a great time in Mexico!

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