Month 2 of Insanity

Holy balls.  We did our first workout of Month 2.  Dear God.  Not only is it longer (60 min or so) but it’s harder.  I mean, I didn’t think there was really any way to make it harder, but it turns out that Shawn T managed to do just that. 

I taught Spin this morning.  We did a 60 minute interval ride, and it was tough.  Then I came home and did the Max Interval It Would Feel Better If You Just Died Workout.  So I’m BEAT.  Tomorrow I get to do it all again, except it will be a run, then Insanity.  Good times.  I’d be flabbergasted if I’m not sore in weird spots tomorrow. 

Oh, I lost a half pound this past Tuesday.  So yay!  I’m down a bit more already, so if I can stick it out thru the weekend, I should see a good loss on Tuesday this week.


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3 Responses to “Month 2 of Insanity”

  1. Novia Says:

    is this really the name of the workout: “It Would Feel Better If You Just Died Workout” because if it is, that is funny! I have a couple of workouts that are just like that. I think I might start calling them that!

  2. Courtney Says:

    It isn’t actually called that, but it SHOULD BE. 😀

  3. Lori Streitmatter Says:

    Whew! I am impressed! I teach spin and just finished the Insanity program. I DON’T think I could have done insanity on the same day I taught spin. That’s awesome! Keep it up, the results are great!

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