Ladies, place your bets

On how far I make it in my long run on Sunday.  I’m going to gallowalk it, and see if I can do 10 miles.  If I can do it and don’t want to cut my legs off afterwards, I’ll gallowalk the Derby race.  If not, then I’ll just spectate. 

I ran this morning.  Go me.  Tonight is Day 1 of the Recovery Week in Insanity.  I’ll let you know what Shawn T’s idea of Recovery looks like later. 

Last night was Spin class.  Surprisingly I had 5 people.  I was expecting ZERO since it was 70* and gorgeous outside.  We did an ass-kicking workout consisting of some long periods of climbing, with some high intensity flats.  It was GOOD.  I teach again tomorrow morning, and I can’t decide what to unleash on them.  But I know they will be sweaty mofos when they are done!

If I don’t get to the godforsaken grocery store tonight, we are going to be eating canned tomatoes and ramen noodles all weekend.  We are out of everything.  Bread.  Eggs.  String cheese.  Fruit.  Granola bars.  Chicken.  Seriously.  WTF?


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4 Responses to “Ladies, place your bets”

  1. runs4chocolate Says:

    Courtney, I think it is so cool that you teach spin and love it so much. I bet the people that go to your classes appreciate that you want to work them as hard as they want to be worked.

    I have no idea how to predict a 10 miler, but good luck!

  2. Novia Says:

    tapping my foot wondering how far you made it on your long run, quit acting like you have a life and update us for goodness sake!!!

    …oh yeah, and I forgot to answer your txt. I got so busy at work, that I forgot. I don’t know if I can swing it. the tickets are still way above $300 and I just shelled out $600 to repair my car this weekend (I’d only set aside $200 so the extra four hundy crushed a sistah). I’ll have to make a decision this weekend. but it ain’t looking good

  3. runs4chocolate Says:

    I’m checking in too, to see how it went!

  4. Courtney Says:

    Novie, I totally understand the $$ thing. That is the whole reason I couldn’t do Dallas. I’ll love you anyway!! Want me to pick you out a dildo at the fuckerware party? 😉

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