Drumroll… Did I lose?

Hells yeah, baby.  2.4 muthertruckin pounds.  BOOYA. 

Today, I got up and ran 4 miles before work (thanks to my imaginary buddies for insuring that I made it out of bed).  Then tonight, we did our Insanity workout.  Me tired. 

Dinner is Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup.  Mmmm.  We are eating shortly.  I’m frickin starving right now.  I’m watching Biggest Loser, too.  I know a lot of people hate Melissa, but I can completely 100% relate to her competitive drive.  I’ve got it.  And if I were on that show (let’s hope I never get back to a place where they’d take me) my bitchy competitive side would come SCREAMING OUT.  People would hate me if I were on that show.  😀 

I’m getting such a kick out of the little game going on tonight.  Awesome.  I’m such a bitch.  😀


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2 Responses to “Drumroll… Did I lose?”

  1. runs4chocolate Says:

    Way to go!

  2. Novia Says:

    I HEART taco soup!!! Makes me wanna go home and make some. Do you use tortilla chips? I think I might make it on days that I have hard workouts. Or maybe on my long run day, then i know that I’ll burn it off!!!

    BOO YAH! on the weight loss! is insanity all cardio? WillRun asked about P90X and i know the same company that does P90X does insanity, but I don’t wanna do insanity because I get enuf cardio running. And I’m way too lazy to do cardio anyway.

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