7 days of tracking points (WW)

I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers, because really, it is the only way I’m ever successful.  Counting Points is basically glorified calorie counting, but for some reason I find it much easier to keep track of 25 points per day, than 1800 calories.  I’ve done the math on my WW daily points, weekly points, etc, and the calorie ranges end up the same.  So in theory, it shouldn’t matter which I do, right?  Points are easier for me to keep track of, and there is a kick ass iPhone app for it!  Woot. 

So after counting points for 7 days, and staying within my points, I am exactly the same weight as I was last Tuesday.  Which is only frustrating because every single day – EXCEPT TODAY- I have been down anywhere from 2-4 lbs.  Motherf*cker.  Right?  Argh.  Yesterday I had Pizza Hut with DH, which I had points for, but I suspect was packed full of sodium.  So we’ll see if tomorrow shows me down again.  It friggin’ better. 

I did my 9 mile long run on Saturday with my friend Leigh.  It was slow, but we did it all, outside.  I only had to make 2 bathroom stops.  I say “only” with a lot of sarcasm.  WTF?  If I run on my treadmill, I don’t usually have to stop.  But get me outside, away from a warm, dry, clean bathroom, and it’s like I’m Super Pooper.  I had planned for this, as this was nothing new to me, but it still blows (pardon my pun).  But the good thing is that my long run went well.  So yay!

Coach Becca gave me my schedule for this week.  And um, holy shit.  It has me running 31 miles, which is not going to happen.  I have 3 spin classes to teach this week, so I’ll be subbing at least one of my 5 runs for one of those, possibly 2.  I’ve emailed her to get her thoughts on what I should do for the week.  The spin classes are not optional, since I’m the BIC (bitch in charge).  I don’t mind doubling up on workouts if I can fit it in, but I can’t do a 7 mile run and a 60-90 Spin class on the same day.  I’m just not there right now. 

My long run this week is 10 miles. Since I’ve structured “my week” as Tues – Mon (two reasons:  I don’t work on Mondays, so it feels like a weekend to me, and I often teach spin classes on both Sat & Sun, so it gives me Mon to do my long run) I’ll be doing my 10 miler on Monday this time.  That means I’ll be by myself most likely.  UGH.  I’m such a social runner.  But when I do my long runs on Mondays, I don’t know anyone who can run with me. 

And yesterday, I completely forgot to run.  It’s like it never even crossed my mind, until about 8:30, and by then I was full from dinner, and not going to go run.  That doesn’t happen very often!


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2 Responses to “7 days of tracking points (WW)”

  1. willrun Says:


    I needed to read this blog! Thank you. Although I haven’t managed to get off my butt in the past three weeks, I have managed to start logging my food again. Did you join meetings, or go online?

    As for the weight, you know that all of that is salt from the pizza. No worries, it’ll be gone easy peasy.

    Now do a blog about some fabulous long run so I might get motivated to get off my butt.

  2. Courtney Says:

    I’m doing WW online only. The meetings are not exactly my cup ‘o tea.

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