The Week (so far) In Review

So… this week has been good. While the scale hasn’t done anything I’m overly impressed with, I’ve logged my food and done ok on exercise.

  • Tues – 8 miles (my long run from last week, oops!)
  • Thurs – taught 60 Spin
  • Today – 4 miles on the mill – EARLY

So once again, I blame my buddy Scoobs for getting my ass up. Should I say “thanks” instead of “blame”? 😀 I took a picture of my sweaty-ass self in front of the treadmill, flipping her the bird this morning, and texted it to her when I was done. If my phone wasn’t in the car, I’d post it. Laters, fo sho.

Food wise, I’ve done OK. Logging is really the key. If I can be consistent with that, my intake almost always falls in line. As I stuffed my sausages (legs) into my bike shorts last night, and struggled to find a top that didn’t make me look like a giant cream puff (aka, doesn’t hug my fat rolls), I was struck with an “if this isn’t good motivation, what is?” sort of moment.

I just finished reading Half Assed, by fellow blogger Pasta Queen.  I totally recommend her book and her blog.  She lost over half her body weight!   She’s funny, and real.  It’s a great read on the trials of losing weight, and a testament to how sticking with it is the key. 

I’m waiting on Novia to get and try out the TRX system.  She, like I, loathes doing weights.  The TRX thingy-ma-bob (yes, that is the technical term, smartasses) is a suspension weight trainer.  It’s tiny, and goes over any doorway, and is supposed help you gain functional strength, not just super shiny firm muscles, although those should come with the territory.  I like the idea of this, because quite frankly, it sounds more like a trapeze than a workout.  So you know, fun!  Here’s a picture of a relatively non-trapese looking move:

I’ve tried to convince my hubby that we can use it, in conjunction with my balance ball, for some sort of bedroom escapade, but I think he fears for our (his) safety too much.  😀  So Novia, if you are reading this, LET ME KNOW!

Novia, along with some other imaginary friends, will be running the Dallas RnR Half Marathon with me on March 14th.  Maybe we’ll be all shiny and buff by then if we use the TRX (Trapeze Rope seXmachine).  Wouldn’t that be spiffy?  I suppose I’ll have to get one first, tho, huh?


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