Motivation in the form of a swimsuit

So I’m not one of those people who refuses to put on a swimsuit until I’m skinny.  ‘Cause let’s face facts, that would be like swearing to never wear one again.  And doing triathlons has been a part of what has helped me get to the place I am now, and has been a great addition to my fitness.  The folks at the pool won’t let me swim in my running pants, so I just wear my tankini (that covers my tummy) and go on about my life.

However, we have booked a trip to Cozumel in May, for our 10th Anniversary (don’t get me started on how the hell I have been married 10 years!  WHAT?).  Sooooo…  unless I want to spend all my time on the beach feeling chubby, worrying about looking fat, and feeling just GENERALLY UNCOMFORTABLE, I gotta get this eating under control.  It’s not like I think I’m going to be a model by then, but just smaller and more comfy in my own skin. 

I’d love to be able to wear a 2-piece suit, if I can.  Like a real one, not a tankini, which is really just a one piece sliced in half for bathroom-convenience.  So I’m going to find a picture of a swimsuit that I like, and post it on my fridge and on my mirror in the bathroom at home.  Constant reminders.  That ought to help, right? 

So far this week, I’ve been successful in eating well, but lousy on workouts.  It’s almost always the other way around.  *sigh*  I need to get both together!!  I am running at lunch today, and then teaching Spin tonight.  I am teaching two more Spin classes this week, and plan to run at least two more times.  So here’s to a better second half of the workout week!


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2 Responses to “Motivation in the form of a swimsuit”

  1. Novia Says:

    funny that you say that, because I’ve been the same this week (great on food, not so great on workouts), my only transgression is the ginormous handfuls of m&m’s I ate last night…but i was trying to get rid of them and couldn’t bear to throw good m&m’s away! 🙂

  2. Courtney Says:

    dude, I hear ya. I am trying to keep away from that crap, but I seem to fail weekly.

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