Looking back at last year

Last year was odd for me.  I did more running than ever, training for and completing two half marathons on my own.  However, I weigh about 7 more pounds than I did last year.  And get this…  None of my fucking jeans fit.  One pair is ok, simply because it’s made of super stretchy stuff. 

Talk about motivation.  Kee-rist.  Really?  Too fat for all my jeans? 

Today has been an excellent day so far.  I stuck to my plan all day, and have avoided the crap food at our front desk.  I’m basically hiding in my cube, but hey, if that is what it takes, then SO BE IT. 

I had this brilliant idea that I’d take pictures of the stuff I eat and post them here, to make me think twice before I shoveled it in my gaping piehole…  but I forgot.  So I only took one pic so far, of my Clif Kid’s bar and Diet Mt. Dew from this morning.   If I can remember, I will take pics this weekend.  The thought of posting them here might keep me from dipping repeatedly in the nacho cheese dip, and tossing back Christmas M&Ms like they are the Valium that will help me ignore my sister in law’s snarky little comments.  There is no excuse for not doing it, actually…  I take the pic on my phone, and POOF, post it here.  Easy peasy. 

I have a 6 & 7 mile run to get done this weekend.  Tomorrow I’m meeting up with my FWR (friends-who-run) for our own mini-Resolution Run.  Unlike the crazies who are doing one at 7 am, we’re going at a much more reasonable (and warm) 10:00 am.  I will see how I feel and do one of the runs tomorrow.  I’ll do the other one this weekend at my in-laws’ house.  I may have to go to the gym to do it, tho.  They live in Colorado Springs which has an elevation profile that looks like a super wiggly worm.  Plus the elevation there is just enough higher that I REALLY suffer on hills.  If I lived there, there is about a 3% chance that I’d be a runner. 

In case it isn’t obvious by the fact that I’m blogging at 4:27 on a work day, it’s SO BORING at work today.  Boredom eating is a problem I have, and so far I’m combatting it well.  DH and I will jet out of here at 5:00 on the button.  We have errands to do, like going to the book store (aaaah… ), potentially grabbing dinner (something healthy, I promise), and going to the pet store to get all kinds of crap for the furry little people who live in my house.  Oh, and the liquor store.  I’m going to have some wine tonight.  Not so much that I will blow my calories for the day, but a little something. 

Well, peeps, I’ll talk to you next year!!!  (that’s been my favorite joke since I was a kid!)


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3 Responses to “Looking back at last year”

  1. Novia Says:

    oh mah gosh! you crack me up! I love reading your blog!

    gaping piehole! I call it my gaping burrito hole….mmmmmm burrrrrr-eee-toe!

    I’ll be thinking of you this weekend be strong girl! Thanks for the recipe, I’ll try it and get back to you on it.

    I sat down tonight and planned my menu for next week, I’m going to try the turkey potpie and squash casserole from this month’s CE. I’ll let you know what I think

  2. runs4chocolate Says:

    So how was the Resolution Run with your FWR?

  3. Courtney Says:

    I need to menu plan as well, novia.

    The run was good… nice and chilly, and my legs are sore from the uneven terrain, I guess. Slipperly and bumpy.

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