Week 1: Successful… Mostly :)

Well, I ran all of my runs, including my 7 mile long run.  Each and every one of them on the dreadmill, due to the frigid fucking weather.  But done, none the less. 

Christmas was awesome.  Highlights:

Good food:
Well, it was a highlight.  Even if it was a fairly fattening one.  Cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, mom’s home cooking…  that’s the kind of stuff that will probably guarantee a gain this week, but it was worth it.  Good stuff. 

Cowboy Snuggler:


Me and my Cowboy Snuggler

Seriously, this was the best. gift. ever.  Not only am I a crazy-ass Cowboy fan, but I spend about 85% of my life freezing my ass off.  Thank you MOM!

Spent time with my family:
I miss my family.  I’m always at least a 6-8 hour drive away from them, and I frickin’ miss them.  So it was great.  Specifically, I got to spend time with my fat cute as hell, super duper baby niece, who is 11 months old now.  It’s imperative that she know her Aunt Courtney 😀  I got to hang out with her, playing and waving, reading books, and some serious snuggling.  Some while wearing my Snuggler! 

So Week 1 of my “12 Weeks till Dallas” went well.  I got my runs in, and that is the big key.  19 miles in total, over 4 days.  I may still Spin (at home) tonight, depending on how tired I am after the football game.  Now that I’m home, I can control the food available easier.  I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow for fresh veggies and fruits to get me thru the week. 

Next week, Week 2, will present its own set of challenges.  New Year’s Eve is Thursday night, but I don’t think we are going out.  So that will help.  I am planning some wine, since it’s NYE, but we’ll have a healthy home made meal.  However, on Friday, we head to my in-laws’ house for the weekend for our holiday with them.  The challenges there will be many:

  1. Eating well.  Once again, I will be surrounded by crap food.  Junk food everywhere, with nary a veggie to be found, other than perhaps some iceburg lettuce for “salad” with our big meal.  The challenge will be to bring some healthy stuff, and to stay away from the junk, as much as possible.  If I can keep from starting, I’ll do ok.  It’s like when you are drinking, and you don’t have to pee until you break the seal…  and then you have to pee every 8 minutes until you pass out.  😀  Once I start, I’m fucked. 
  2. Not eating out of stress/anxiety.  I recognize that I do this, especially when I’m cooped up with my in-laws for the weekend.  I love them, but my SIL stresses me out.  I tend to eat to have something to do, to avoid confrontations, or even hanging out.  Stupid. 
  3. Getting workouts in.  I’ll be in a hilly-ass town, with limited gym possibilities.  I’ll probably fork over the $10 a day to go to 24 hour fitness, but I’d love to be outside instead.  We’ll see.  I may take my weights with me. 
  4. The smoke.  My FIL and BIL will chain smoke all weekend long, and I can’t escape it in the house.  It sucks.  By the end of the weekend, there is this nasty ass smoke fog cloud everywhere in the house.  I’m going to seal up our room as much as possible, and leave the window in there open, weather be damned.  But jeebus h. crikey, it sucks.   

So, for now, I’m going to meal plan for ths week, and try some new stuff from my Clean Eating magazine.  I’m also going to get a jump start on my workouts, getting in all my miles, plus hopefully 2 weight workouts and 2 Spin workouts.  Eat well, move a lot.  That’s really the secret.


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5 Responses to “Week 1: Successful… Mostly :)”

  1. willrun Says:

    LOL, I work for a football team merchandising store. Someone came in and asked for snugglers the other day, we don’t sell them. We thought it was very funny that they might possibly be made.

    Oh how wrong I was apparently.

  2. Courtney Says:

    hahahahaha!!!!!!!! It’s seriously the best! 🙂 I’m all cozy and tucked in on my couch while I watch my Tony Romo play some football.

  3. Novia Says:

    I LOVE the 12-weeks to Dallas countdown!

    looks like you have a plan for success! take it day by day. minute by minute and you’ll look up and the weekend will be over….

    will you be close to a computer to post on your blog so that we can cheer you on?

  4. Novia Says:

    p.s….I absolutely HEART that pic, I saved it on my iPhone and look at it when I’m angry/irritated.

  5. Courtney Says:

    Thanks, babe 🙂 It’s super fun!! I’ll try to get on line this weekend and update the blog. It might keep me accountable!

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