Turkey Trot Thursday

So now that I finally know what day it is…   Go me, right?  😀

This morning I did the Anthem Turkey Day 5K with my friend Leigh.  We did good, chatting and running, and finished in 34ish minutes.  No PR, but it was a good race with a good friend, and really, on Thanksgiving, what more can a girl ask for?

We’ve been at home today, watching football.  The Cowboys won, BOOYA!!!  Love me some Romo.  Watching the Broncos now, and getting ready to do some more sewing.

Tomorrow starts the 48 hour food fest.  I’m making mashed potatoes, a corn veggie dish, and a green salad to take.  I’m going to work very hard this weekend to stay away from the snack and crap food.  I tend to eat out of anxiety and boredom (at the same time, if that is possible) while at my in-laws’ house, so this will, as always, be challenging.  I’m going to shy away from alcohol, since I know that will only impair my already stressed out thought processes. 

Here’s my mantra for the weekend:  Clean Eating, Whole Foods, Get off my Ass.  I am considering having it tattooed on my forearm.  That won’t be weird, right?


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