What day is it again? Friday? Wednesday? What?

Still confused, obviously.

Today is apparently technically Wednesday, but it sure as hell feels like Friday.  I’m even wearing JEANS! 

Last night I went to Spin with my friend.  It was good.  It was weird to be in the back of the room, not the front.  It was a good class.  Different from how I structure mine, which is not bad, just different. 

Starting soon, I’m going to be teaching 2-3 classes per week, including a 90 min class every other Saturday.  Eeek!  That ought to keep me moving.  All of my classes now are 60 minutes, so I need to spend some quality time revising them to be able to go a full 90 minutes.  I’m a little concerned that this class is too long for a lot of people, but we shall see how it goes. 

I got up and ran 5 miles this morning on the treadmill.  Nice to have it out of the way for today.  I have crap to do tonight. 

Yesterday I ended up at ~1571 calories for the day.  Mostly clean, with the exception of the Clif Kids bar I had before Spin and the Baked Scoops I had with my soup…  and who knows about the Japanese Pan Noodles I had at Noodles for lunch.  But still, not too bad.  I am relieved to see the scale moving down from the alarming high on Monday morning of 196.  One hundred and ninety fucking six.  I was at 188 about 3 weeks ago, so this is ricockulous.  This morning it was around 194, so that is at least going the right way. 

Can I power-whine here for a second?  All of my clothes are too tight.  That is what happens when you gain 8 lbs in three weeks, I guess.  Fuckers.  So what sucks is that I’m even more uncomfortable than usual in my clothes.  I’m rarely comfy, because I’m always worried I look fat, or you can see my rolls, or whatever.  I’m so sick of it.  I can’t even imagine what it must be like to put on clothes and not worry like this.  Or have that fear that even when you are maintaining your weight, that somehow something won’t fit anymore, especially if you haven’t worn it in a while. 

I will be happy to get a few more pounds off so that my clothes don’t feel like sausage casings, and so that I’m at least comfy with my level of fat-roll-showing.  Soon.  I’m headed the right way.


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One Response to “What day is it again? Friday? Wednesday? What?”

  1. Novia Says:

    girl, girl, girll…i know the sausage casing feeling. I was in denial and did’t want to buy new jeans but I did for tgiving and i’d forgotten what it was like to wear comfortable jeans that didn’t squeeze me and make me feel like everyone could see my granny panty line thru my jeans.

    Who the hell cares what size the were, they fit, I was comfy and more self-assured because i wasn’t worried about what my fat legs and hips and butt were doing or what they looked like.

    power to ya, keep putting one foot in front of another! We’ll get there eventually!

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