Goddammit. Today was horrible for me. HORRIBLE. Apparently, you can go all day eating nothing but cookies and subway for dinner. Why in the hell do I do this? I didn’t run, I didn’t do anything other than sew today.

I’m sad, depressed, frustrated, and PISSED. It’s a lot of negative shit right now, and I have the horrifying Thanksgiving weekend coming up. I’ve volunteered to make 3 sides for our dinner on Friday. I’m making a green salad, full of spinach, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, etc. I’m also going to make mashed potatoes. And I’m looking for something else. The big problem is that the family I’ll be with do not really do veggies. But if I don’t make something healthy, my only choice will be some turkey (which I don’t like) and potentially some corn, swimming in butter.

ARGH. Fucking Argh. I’m so sick of this shit.


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One Response to “Fail.”

  1. Novia Says:

    ….feeling your misery…..

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