3 days is better than 4, right?

So my rest day only turned in to three this time.  😡

We don’t normally work on Mondays, but this week we are switching up the schedule because DH has an upgrade to do today, and we have a holiday this week.  So, that being said, I got up early to run this morning.  4.5 miles of Entourage, baby.  Mmmmm….  There are a coupla hotties on there, girls. 

I am planning to do some weights tonight after work.  DH is going to walk/run on the treadmill then, and I think I’ll go ahead and tackle some weights.  Gotta be done, really. 

I’m going to run every morning this week, including a Turkey Trot on Thursday with a friend.  I’m hoping to get a PR, but with my fat-assitude right now, it seems unlikely. 

This coming weekend is the dreaded 48 hour food fest.  Friday – Sunday, non-stop food that is not going to help me reach my goals.  I’m battle planning.  I mentioned that I was making dishes for the big meal on Thursday night.  I’m also going to go to the store when I get there, and load up on fresh veggies and fruit to snack on.  Which is all fine and super dandy, but if I don’t choose to eat those, it does me no good.  Somehow I will try to say no to cheese & crackers, chips & salsa, M&Ms, and loads of other CRAP FOOD in lieu of some wholesome, nutritious foods.  Wish me luck.


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One Response to “3 days is better than 4, right?”

  1. Novia Says:

    yea you for up and at ’em this morning.

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