Groups & Eating

This is one of my biggest struggles and right now we have a house full of company. Lots of food :(. Plus it’s an anxious social situation for me. Argh.


4 Responses to “Groups & Eating”

  1. willrun Says:

    Be strong you can do it! Go have a drink of water.

  2. Novia Says:

    I’m about to face that at Tgiving. Going home to visit rentals and extended family and they can THROW down in the kitchen. How r u handling it? I’d be interested in getting some good suggestions, ‘cuz the word ‘willpower’ isn’t in my vocab

  3. Courtney Says:

    Girls, I am dreading T-giving weekend for this reason as well. Same group, except we’ll be at their house, and away from my own stash of healthy foods. And away from my treadmill. We’ll be in Colorado Springs and that godforsaken town is nothing but freakin’ hills. I mean, it’s beautiful, but jeebus, if I lived there, I’d never run.

  4. willrun Says:

    Wel it isn’t Thanksgiving day here but I have Grey Cup parties to go to and a crazy work schedule. I don’t know how I’m going to fit in the exercise.

    I have at this point a choice in 3 different Grey Cup (think Canadian Superbowl with your team in it) parties to choose from, and I imagine there will be more. My shedule this week looks like this. WED. Thur, friday (12 hour work day) , Saturday 8 hours, Sunday 4 hours, then to Grey Cup party. I am so hooped.

    Good luck with your T-giving plans gals! Drink water, eat healthy before you go. Stay strong the days leading up to it. You can do it!

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