So my one day off…

turned in to four last week. Somehow. NOT COOL.

I’m hoping that I can make this week better. I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, and taught Spin on Thursday night (I kicked their ass for an hour’s worth of intervals). Today is a rest day. It wasn’t going to be. I texted my friend Scooby this morning at some ridiculous hour to tell her not to call me at 5 am because it was supposed to be almost 60 degrees today. So yay, an outside run, right? I packed my gym bag, got everything all ready to go… and left that fucker on my living room floor. I discovered this when I got to work and tried to get my gym bag out of the back seat. Boo.

So anyhoo, tomorrow I will run. Some of my kick ass sistergirlfriends are also trying to shape up and get their asses in fine(r) forms. We’ve all promised to help each other out by keeping up with our blogs, encouraging and helpfully kicking each other’s virtual asses to get us going. You can see their blogs down in my blogroll.

Tomorrow I will get outside, for about a 5 mile run. Sunday I hope to do 6-7. And maybe some yoga at some point. We’ll see. I have a lot of football to watch on Sunday, so I should probably make up some sort of kick ass weight workout to do during the football games. It will go well with my cardio of jumping around like a jackass and screaming.


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2 Responses to “So my one day off…”

  1. willrun Says:

    LOL, I thought I was the only one that jumped up and down screaming during a football game.

    Our big game is Sunday. Is it wrong for me to think that the snack food will give me an advantage for my first weigh-in for the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge? I don’t think a few jumps in the air and fist pumps will burn off spanokopita.

  2. Novia Says:

    did you get your 5-miler in? This morning I had a flag football game tomorrow I have a long slow 8-miles. Just checkin’ in making sure you’re holding the line! 🙂

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