2 Workout Day!

So…  my workouts this week have been good, mostly.  I had a horrible, horrible day on Monday and felt like I’d never get my shit together.  Like I’ll be fat forever, and it sucked. 

So I went online to my good buddies on my running forum, and one of my girls has been helping me!  She’s calling me in the morning at 5 am my time (7 am her time) to make sure my ass is on my treadmill.  It turns out that not wanting to disappoint my girl, or having my husband wonder why the hell my phone is screaming “So What!  I’m a Rockstar…” at 5 am does the trick. 

When she calls me, I’m already running, and I’m all “SUP CHICKIE!” and she probably thinks I’m a loon because I’m chipper already.  Mornings like me. 

Today I ran at 5 am, and taught Spinning at 6:30 pm.  I had 6 people, and I was most decidedly not hyped about class before I got there today.  But it was a fabulous class!  Fun times.  WOO!

Amazingly, when I’m working out well, I seem to eat better, without much thought.  weeeeeeird. 

Well, I’m off log my food, since Coach Becca will be checking on me.


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