So, how’d I do?


I did not successfully avoid the junk food.  Boo.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I should kick the ass of my co-worker who brought in all the damn Halloween candy.  But she’s a 75 year old lady, who despite her “making me a fatass” tendencies, is cool and fun.  So she has escaped.  For now.

I did not exercise early.  Or at all.  I had planned to Spin when I got home tonight, but this morning while showering, I twisted funny, and have instead spent the day trying to straighten out my back.  UGH.  I hope to see the chiropractor tomorrow, but I also plan to run in the early AM tomorrow.  I have a cool interval workout planned from Coach Becca.  (and by cool, I mean hard as hell, and will probably make me want to punch her in the throat ;))

I did do well with fruits and veggies.  Kudos!  We ate lunch out, but it was Subway.  And tomorrow is a non-eating out day, since I have a weird schedule.  I did eat a nice filling breakfast.  Peanut butter toast + banana.  Mmmmmm…  that’s probably what I’m having tomorrow, too! 

So…  2 of 6.  That is NOT good enough. 

It’s like when I make that decision to eat that first piece of junk food, my whole day goes to hell.  It’s like when you break the seal on a nice of drinking.  Once you do it, you are screwed for the rest of the night. 

So here’s to not breaking the seal tomorrow.  😀


One Response to “So, how’d I do?”

  1. Becca Says:

    you are doing just fine! We are gonna get you there!

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